Will My Insurance Pay for My Girlfriend's Abortion?


Are you scrambling to figure out how to pay for your girlfriend's abortion? Or maybe you're still considering your options. We know how stressful finances can be with an unplanned pregnancy, and we are here to help.

Be informed about insurance coverage for your girlfriend so you can make a confident decision moving forward. Here's what you need to know.

Will Insurance Cover My Girlfriend's Abortion?

Maybe your girlfriend doesn't have insurance, and you're wondering if your insurance will cover her abortion. Most health insurance plans do not cover partners who are not spouses (legally married). To be sure, contact your insurance provider to confirm your coverage details.

If your girlfriend doesn't have abortion coverage, out-of-pocket costs could be pretty expensive. Private health insurance plans will vary in their coverage of abortion. The price will vary depending on how far along your girlfriend's pregnancy is and the type of abortion procedure.

Does Health Insurance Cover Pregnancy?
Most major health insurance plans are required to cover maternity care. Your girlfriend's plan should include prenatal care, inpatient services, postnatal care, and newborn care.

If your girlfriend has no health insurance and needs medical care, she could qualify for medical assistance through the state of Texas. If she's currently employed, her employer could provide insurance options.

No-Cost Pregnancy Services

Your partner will need to know what abortion procedures she qualifies for before making a final decision. She needs pregnancy confirmation with pregnancy testing and an ultrasound. Receive free and confidential pregnancy confirmation services at our center. No insurance is necessary! We'll provide lab-quality pregnancy testing, an ultrasound exam, and options consultations.

Where Should We Start?

Our mission at Brazos Pregnancy Center is to provide professional & honest services to those facing pregnancy decisions. Our compassionate team is here to help both of you.

Schedule an appointment to learn more. Same-day appointments and walk-ins are available. 

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